50 Ways To Flourish After Divorce Book By Patti Handy

50 Ways To Flourish After Divorce Book By Patti Handy

Tim: Today, we’re talking to Patti Handy. And we have her here today about a lot of things talking about a new book she has written, ‘50 Ways To Flourish After Divorce’.

I thought this would be great to talk about and introduce to you so you know we’re doing as many as divorce cases that we do in California.

And when she sent this to me I saw that you had some value potentially to my clients and I want to just give you an opportunity to talk about it.

This is your chance to—you know let’s talk about your book and how we can help people. It’s very interesting that you went through divorce as well.

You make that very clear here and here and so we can just tell our viewers a little bit about—

Patti: Sure.

Tim: …what this book is all about and—

Patti: Sure. After my divorce my divorce was something I was surprised. My son was 18 months old.

And there was a lot of craziness obviously emotionally, financially, physically—it was a hot mess basically.

And I found ways to a journey and we all go to a journey when we go to divorce.

And if you’re in a middle of a divorce I can tell you that the journey is worth it because at the end you will become such a better, happier person.

I wrote this book, maybe years after my divorce because going through my journey I found ways that I am healed and that helps me healed, things that I just found that brought me to my journey.

At the end of my journey I should say, ‘Well we’re all on a journey forever.’ I shouldn’t at the end of my journey but post divorce.

And I thought you know I want to show this information and it’s not anything I’m going to come from my financial background.

But it’s not financial related. It is purely from place of heart, it’s simple tools and tips that I used to really flourish after divorce.

So it’s literally 50 things that I did. And it’s some humorous embarrassing things and it’s things that I hope will help people.

Tim: Yeah, I really like how this is formatted. It’s literally just 50 things that some are short as just a page or half a page.

It’s a quick read. You could do one a day. I mean you could read a whole book in a sitting and if you wanted to can read the whole book everyday.

Patti: Yes.

Tim: Just to remind yourself. I mean do you have any recommendations or do you have people I’m sure you know people buying this book and say, I know you’re getting the acclaims and things that helped me, that they say how they utilize the book at all.

Patti: Yes. It’s one of the most things I remember when I went to my divorce that I didn’t have the bandwidth to sit and ready anything at length.

I just I don’t have it. Emotionally, crazy I was dealing with my son. You know life was just overwhelming.

So a friend of mine gave me a book. And it was a book that had short little bits. So from little I can read the page and put it down.

Then it was done but I gained a little nugget from that one page. So I wanted to do that same format in this book.

So it’s something you can pick up and read literally from page in 30 second and put it down or you can read it in one sitting.

And people had done both. And it depends on where you are, if you’re at that very raw, very vulnerable, very difficult stage at the very beginning.

You will have to begin with to read one page. And you put it down.

Tim: Yeah.

Patti: And you come back to it. But yes, you can come back to it six months later and you sort of recap ‘Oh yeah that’s right! I should do that.’

Tim: Yeah, I read through probably half the book and it’d be useful as a reminders.

When you’re going through this process and just open this up and you can just kind of flip page and read one.

Patti: Right.

Tim: You can tap things that you want to continue to remind yourself. Is there one in here that you—

Patti: One in particular?

Tim: Yeah, I always wanted to ask you that. Is there one in particular that you think or is it kind of implying as many as possible?

Patti: You know it’s there are some that are going to resonate more with others. I can’t say I like one more than the other in terms of any particular tip.

Tim: Fair enough.

Patti: However, if there was one thing I would say the onset to focus on is taking really good care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself physically, eating well, exercising, having a quiet time being with friends.

We all speak to the women at this time, women tend to be dealing with the kids, the house, they’re multitasking and we forgot taking care of us.

And we can’t give to our children what we don’t have in ourselves.

So my recommendation is to really start with yourself, fall back in love with yourself and really acknowledge all of your gifts and the beauty that you bring to the world.

And bring that back to you and then you’re able to give that to your kids if you have kids or to friends and family.

And it’s a great way to move forward from a better place.

Tim: So it’s really great information. How can they get a hold of your book?

I know you have this on Amazon. How can they find your book and order your book.

Patti: Yes, Amazon is the best source right now to buy that book absolutely.

Tim: So just Amazon and search for 50 Ways To Flourish or what’s the best way?

Patti: Search my name, yeah.

Tim: So search for Patti Handy.

Patti: Yeah, Patti with an i and Handy with the y.

Tim: Patti with an i, Handy with the y and it’ll bring up your book.

Patti: It’ll bring up this and I have another book.

Tim: Perfect. Alright, thank you so much for sharing that information and you guys can find that on Amazon.

Search for Patti Handy and order the book.

Patti: Thank you.

Tim: Alright, thanks for stopping by.