Affordable Divorce Service Atwater Village California

Affordable Divorce Service Atwater Village California

Today we’re talking to the folks in Atwater Village about our Affordable Divorce Service.

So our Affordable Divorce Service in Atwater Village, basically it takes care of your entire Divorce from start to finish as far as filling out the forms, going down to your local courthouse, filing documents, take care of serving the documents and we’ll also take care of preparing your financial disclosures.

When you go through a Divorce in Atwater Village in California for that matter you have to file and serve your financial disclosures which basically let’s the other party know what you know your assets and debts and how much your income is.

So you can come up with a fair and equitable division of your property and so there can be a determination of child support and spousal support if that’s applicable.

As a neutral third party we will assist both of you in preparing all these documents including and incorporating all of your agreements into the final Marital Settlement Agreement otherwise known as Judgment.

So everything is incorporated into finalizing your Divorce.

So we’re going to determine who gets what property, how you’re going to divide up your assets and debts, what is the custody and visitation arrangement going to look like as it pertains to your children and indicating any spousal support or alimony that we’ll be requested as far as the links and amounts of support to be paid.

As a neutral third party we do work with both spouses for one low flat fee. So make sure to give us a call.

I’ll be happy to provide you a free phone consultation. Our number here is 661-281-0266.

No office appointment is necessary if you don’t want to come in to our office.

We do a lot of our service remotely via email and fax. So please give me a call.

The number is on your screen or you can jump over to our website at