Affordable Divorce Service North Hollywood CA

Affordable Divorce Service North Hollywood CA

We provide a flat fee Divorce Service that allows us to charge you a one off fee so we one time charge and we will work with both spouses for the same fee.

It’s affordable because we do everything from start to finish. This isn’t some fill out a questionnaire and then you have to file a document with the court.

No. We take care of filling up the forms. We take care of taking them down to the courthouse and filing them.

We serve them. All the process and procedures are handled by us.

We’re here Monday through Friday 9-5 to answer your questions that you have.

Then you’ll have many throughout the process, so basically taking care of the entire case including all of your agreements, the marital settlement agreement also known as the judgment.

We’re going to put together all your agreements which include child support, spousal support, custody visitation and the distribution of your property.

We have access to the court software which is known as the DissoMaster software.

It’s a paid service. And we can even help you come up with the numbers for child support and spouse support when needed taking in to the parties incomes information and having that determined.

So give us a call. I’d like to give you a free phone consultation.

You can just give me a call 661-281-0266. We can talk more about our Affordable Divorce Service in North Hollywood.

Talk about your specific circumstances and just take you from there and see if it’s a service that would work for you.

So please give us a call. We’ll talk to you soon.