What Is Alimony | What Is Spousal Support | California Divorce

What Is Alimony | What Is Spousal Support | California Divorce

Today, we’re talking about alimony otherwise known as spousal support more commonly known as spousal support in California.

And I’m taking this information directly from the franchise tax board as well because I want to give folks some information about spousal support.

A little bit of how it works including what the franchise tax board says about how they treat spousal support.

So this video essentially what is alimony and this is what the term has been known as within the courts and those of us in the business.

It’s more frequently referred to as spousal support.

So spousal support where alimony essentially is one spouse paying to another alimony or set amount of money on a monthly basis or by monthly basis or however you want to set that up where maybe the higher wage earner during the marriage is assisting the other party with living expenses and so forth because of a difference in incomes of the parties.

So this could be where one party earns a substantial more income than the other party.

Let us help offset and make it more fair because he had let’s say a non working spouse and then the bread winner through the marriage is they both had realized the benefits of that income.

If they were to divorce and go their separate ways and there’ll be no spousal support obviously the spouse who was not working would have no income whatsoever.

And perhaps they raised the children and so forth and so they shouldn’t be essentially set off with no income just because they didn’t work.

And the courts we’re not lawyers here, we’re not here to give legal advice. Keep that in mind.

But just from what we see keep in mind that the person shouldn’t be punished because they didn’t work and now they have no money.

So this is to help alimony payments to help with that person getting on their feet. Give them time to maybe get educated, go back to school or go back to work and then slowly get on their feet.

And there’s a lot that goes in this spousal support and alimony and how these amounts are determined.  I don’t want to get too deep in to that.

This was just to kind of give you a brief overview of what spousal support or alimony is.

So you know moving forward as far as your right is concerned that’s a whole different story whether you can get it or not but this video is just to discuss what alimony is.

It’s quite simple. It’s just one party paying to the other spouse an amount of money for a specific duration of time for a specific amount.

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