Burbank Divorce Cases Must Be Filed In Pasadena

Burbank Divorce Cases Must Be Filed In Pasadena

Today, we’re talking to the folks in Burbank, California.

So you folks in Burbank that used to file your divorce cases in Burbank, if you don’t know the Burbank Court has shifted their cases their divorce cases, there’s still a court there but they have transferred all their divorce cases to Pasadena.

Now that obviously makes it very inconvenient for folks living in Burbank to file for divorce that have to travel to Pasadena to file their Divorce case, to pick up paperwork, to go to the clerk’s office and finish your case.

So for the folks in Burbank I want to let you know we are a Full Service Divorce Paralegal Firm. We do serve the Burbank area.

We can facilitate your divorce process for you especially since there’s no court serving you for divorce now.

What entails is that we will fill out all the forms for you. We will go to Pasadena and file your case in Pasadena for you.

So you won’t have to travel at Burbank to do so. We’ll take care of preparing all the documents and filing them, serving them.

We’ll take care of all the financial disclosures.

So all the process and procedure of the divorce case we will take care of from start to finish including putting together your judgment which includes assets and debts as far as who’s going to get what property, the children, custody and visitation, spousal support the whole shot we’ll take care of.

If it’s an amicable case you won’t step foot in the court. Not even once. You won’t even know what it looks like because we’ll be the ones going down there and taking care of your divorce for you.

So let us do the hard work for you and take care of the Divorce. You go on with your lives and your jobs and don’t that have affected.

Divorce is big enough changing your life. Let us help you through the confusing and difficult process of divorce in Burbank and take care of it at the Pasadena Courthouse for you.

Feel free to give me a call for a free phone consultation at 661-281-0266.