Burbank Divorce Process | How Long Does Divorce Take?

Burbank Divorce Process | How Long Does Divorce Take?

Today, I want to answer the most frequently asked question I get day in and day out which is how long does the Divorce take or how long does the Divorce process.

So let’s talk about that a little bit. We’re talking to the folks regarding the Divorce in the Burbank area.

This video is specifically for you. So Divorce has really two answers to this question.

Number one is California has a six months cooling off period. What that means is the judge will not approve your Divorce.

You cannot become officially a single person until six months have passed from the date of service.

So from the day you file is not the timeframe that starts in. Once you file and serve your spouse that’s what starts the clock on the six months process.

So what I tell people is six months is the soonest your Divorce can be finalized and you can be single.

Now another aspect to this answer is that we can submit your case as soon as 30 days after the case has been served.

So you file, you serve, we can get all the paperwork done within 30 days, get all the final agreements put together and submit it to the court because it’s going to suit the Burbank Court House for good 2-3 months while they’ll review and approve due to how busy they are.

You don’t have to wait until six months to submit your case which many people think is what they need to do after 30 days plus 1 so 30 days after service you can submit all your final agreements.

The benefit to doing that is you probably get your case back before the six months totally done complete signed by the judge.

The only thing that will be pending will be that post dated six months date for your single status.

So I hope that make sense. Again, this is one of the number one questions that we get is that how long does Divorce take and that is your answer.

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