California Default Divorce With Agreement | CA Divorce

California Default Divorce With Agreement | CA Divorce

Today we are talking about the California divorce process called default with agreement.

This should be one of the most talked about styles of divorce but it’s not.

What it is briefly is a divorce with agreement but is a default case. Trying to give you a little background on this.

A true default case is one where you file or your spouse files and the other party does not respond and doesn’t do anything. They don’t fill out any financial forms, disclosures. They don’t enter into a written agreement, nothing.

That’s what is called a true default. And we’re finding that people are doing that strategically so they don’t have to pay a filing fee and that’s fine. But there is a better way.

This is called a default with agreement. What this allows you to do is, one party files and the other party does not respond, you both do all your same financial disclosures, incoming expense and schedule of assets and debts and then you enter into a written agreement. This is called a default with agreement.

So it can still be a default case because no response was filed but you’re going to file a request to enter default form with the judgment and that’s the difference.

Now, why do I suggest this? Because it saves you money. You can enter into a written agreement with you and your spouse and get the courts approval with no response fee.

You won’t have to pay a fee for the response, because as you know, if you file for a divorce you pay a filing fee. If your spouse response, they pay a filing fee.

So this is a way to get through the entire case with a single filing fee.

Of course, this is only going to be useful if you have an amicable, uncontested case where you guys trust each other and are working on coming to an agreement on things.

Default with agreement is also known as a hybrid. I talk about this quite a bit, 95% of our cases are filed this way. Purely to save people money.

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