California Divorce About The 6 Month Waiting Period

California Divorce About The 6 Month Waiting Period

Today we’re talking about the six month cooling off period. By this time you may have filed your documents.

We’ve talked about that in video one. And then we’ve talked about the service of your documents.

And now we’re talking about the six months cooling off period.

So what that means is that the courts in California, there’s a law that does not allow you to finalize your Divorce until six months have passed.

Now the question we always get is when does that date start?

The answer is it’s not what you think. The six month process does not start when you file your documents.

Your six months process starts when you serve the documents.

So let’s say you file your documents on the 1st of the month and then not serve until the 20th of the month, that’s when you get them into the hands of your spouse.

That’s the date that the courts jurisdiction of your case. And that’s the date that starts the six months process.

What that means is your official single status the soonest that can happen is six months after the date of service.

Now when you use our service we’ll generally, will get your case in two to three months.

Have it sign by the judge in your hands judgments complete, you’re totally Divorce and you’re just waiting for that six month mark to come to be officially single.

But in most cases when people are representing themselves because the complex nature of the paperwork and confusion and misunderstanding on the process of filling out the forms and filing court procedure normally your case will go much longer than six months just because of you’re unfamiliar with the actual documents on process.

So when you use our service we’ll have it done within two to three months and you’ll be waiting for that six months time period to elapse before it’s actual and official single status in your Divorce.

I hope that makes sense about the six month cooling off period in California.