California Divorce Attorney Won’t Continue Hearing And Plays Games

California Divorce Attorney Won’t Continue Hearing And Plays Games

Today we’re going to tell you a little story about some attorneys that’s been playing games in some of the clients we’ve been assisting.

I’m going to be doing more videos like this just when we find attorneys doing things that just you know not doing things in the best of clients or children.

So we have a client that came to us. They had received a package in the mail.

It turned out that they had been served after the divorce has finalized, a modification of child custody visitation which if you watched the prior video you know that that’s allowable.

However they mailed it to incorrect address which delayed that arriving to their house.

There was a unit number attached and the unit number attached and they didn’t put the unit number and it was given to a wrong address and the parties when they received it there was not enough time for them to respond.

So I told them to first call the attorney and ask for continuance, so, they’ll have enough time and let them know, ‘Hey you did not serve me properly.’

Well the attorney who played games said basically, ‘Too bad.’ And take us to the court.

So we fax the letter over to the attorney basically giving them 24 hours to be nice and continue the hearing otherwise we’re going to file an Ex-Parte Motion with the court.

And they decline to call or do anything with that so we file the motion with the court.

Ex-Parte they’re actually going there this morning probably in about five minutes to have their hearing.

So what happened is we filed, we leave Ex-Parte Notice.

And the attorney called our client back about three hours later saying ‘You know what we’re going to go down to court but we’re going to object to your faulty service of your Ex-Parte Notice.’

So it’s just a big game to some of these attorneys. They have no interest in actually getting the case resolve.

They’d rather go to court to try and stop her from getting to continue.

All she’s asking, all our client is asking is to have a proper time to the motion. That’s it!

And she called them. We wrote a letter and we fax them a letter making this request and then we have to go an Ex-Parte.

And all they have to do is call the clerk and make a joint call and continue the hearing.

But instead of that now they’re down in court, just to continue to ask the hearing so they’ll have time to respond.

But the attorney’s intention of going down today is not agree but rather to go in there and object and force the issue.

It just makes no sense. Unfortunately, what I think attorneys are doing the more often they can get in court the more they can drive out their clients fees the better.

And that’s why these things don’t resolve quickly. Anyways we’re starting a rant a little bit on attorneys because we’re starting to see some serious games being played.

These attorneys are taking advantage of litigants who are representing themselves.

They would never do these if they have attorneys at the other end. I hope this video is helpful.

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