California Divorce | Cooperate With Home Sale During Divorce

California Divorce – Cooperate With Home Sale During Divorce

In this video/article, we tell you more about hat you need to do when going through a divorce and how to deal with home sale. Kindly watch this video for more information.

Tim: Have you run into any common things or aspects that people should be aware of? UCPD like, ‘Okay, this keeps happening.’

Connor: Yes.

Tim: That people like you can kind of give them heads up on.

Connor: Yes. One party usually is the saint but it’s usually not the person saying they’re the saint. So the other party’s usually the horrible one.

The more difficult one to deal with I should say. So that seems to be a very common thing.

People have their own perceptions of how they are. And with Real Estate, another common thing is blame.

So while you might have one party that just wants to get out and get away, you’re having the other party that wants to do everything they can.

They either forward the deal or mess it up or cause an issue with it. And even though at the beginning they said that’s how they wanted it to be.

Things change.

Tim: Yes.

Connor: You have time to think, you sit there and I’m going to adore that if somebody comes to us after we’ve gone through whatever it is to lease the property and get a market and speak with all parties, get mutual agreements.

Tim: Yes.

Connor: Even if somebody says, ‘You know we don’t want this to go through.’ It does take two people. It takes both.

Tim: Sure.

Connor: Unless the court says you have to or some other legal mechanism.