California Divorce – Is Divorce Mediation A Possibility

California Divorce – Is Divorce Mediation A Possibility

Today, I just want to tell and talk about a story of a client that came in.

I’m going to start doing this more often. We have client come in very upset.

The other spouse had closed all the accounts. They got into things that weren’t going so well.

Things are going downhill in their relationship. They started talking about the possibility of Divorce.

And one day the spouse one of the spouses, I just want to try and keep this so no one knows who we’re talking about.

But one of the spouses and this happens so many times, close the accounts, withdraw all the money at the accounts, changed the accounts so the direct deposit will go in to different account and removed any access to money from the other spouse.

So when this person first came in to our office for assistance, of course, they were very upset.

And there is certain thing that we suggest that she’ll do. They had three young children.

And one of the worst things we think can happen is when the parties go out and get attorneys and then they want to fight and spend all their money.

In this particular case while that party come in to us was very upset we explain the process and procedure of using our service to get her through their Divorce case and using the potential of Mediation because this can go one of two ways.

You can try and get through this yourself. You can go out and hire attorneys and spend a bunch of monies fighting over things or you could come to your senses sooner versus later and not blow all the money on Divorce and Divorce Attorneys and use Mediation.

So what we did instead of filing motions which is if they went to an attorney what would have happened filed motions for child support and child custody child visitation, spousal support the whole thing.

And that’s what we initially we’re going to do.

But then I took a step back and said, ‘Look you have three young children. There’s not a lot of money that should to go around, to spend on attorneys and so forth. Let’s take your step back. Let’s give this a few days. Let’s see if the other party will be reasonable. And that we can get you guys into some sort of agreement whether that’d be you guys sitting down at the kitchen table and working this out.

Or let’s get a Mediation team involved right away because obviously there’s a lot of emotional charge here and they need to get someone in the room to sit with them to help them communicate and get through this.’

So we’re going to do that as our first attempt. We’re going to see if we can get them into Mediation and get them through this.

Everyone who ends up better off, it will be less costly. Their children are going to be better off.

Just keep in mind when you have kids you maybe able to get a divorce but the portion of your relationship regarding parenting is going to exist potentially forever.

So you’re going to be seeing that person all the time.

So that said take a step back if you know I work for a law firm for many years and we saw people coming and spend $20,000 per month each end.

You know staying mad at each other and fighting over everything. And guess when they would settle?–when they ran out of money.

So the point of the story is, don’t let that happen to you. Try and work it out.

Try and use Mediation or some other types of service. Of course, sometimes attorneys are going to be your only option.

But just know that that’s going to be come in a very high expense.

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