California Divorce Don’t Wait 6 Months To File Your Final Divorce Papers

California Divorce Don’t Wait 6 Months To File Your Final Divorce Papers

Today, we’re answering the question I think I’ve answered multiple times but I still get a lot of phone calls is, do you have to wait six months to submit your paperwork to the court your final paperwork.

So in the matter of process you’ll file, you’ll serve, you’ll do a preliminary declarations of disclosures and then you’ll complete your judgment.

Well a lot of people are calling and asking about is, do we have to wait until six months to turn everything in and the answer is no.

Depending on what style divorce should do and if you’re doing a hybrid where there’s no response but both parties are involved or you’re doing a default in any of those styles of divorce is you have to wait at least 31 days so it’s 30.

We just add on an extra day just to be safe. But you have to wait 30 days to file your default and therefore you could file your judgment at the same time which we just did a video on as well.

So file, serve 30 days later after all of course all the other process and procedures had been done you can turn on all your paperwork in after that 30th day after being served.

And on the benefits to doing that is because the courts are so busy its taking them anywhere from 30-60-90 sometimes as long as six months to review and approve your paperwork.

So we like with our clients when we file a case we like to get everything done inside the 30 days, turn it all in as quickly as possible.

And we will get the case back signed by the judge before the six months is even over.

And then that’ll just be a future effective date of the divorce on the single status.

So just to be clear you do not have to wait six months to turn all your paperwork in and of course you can if it takes that long to get through your paperwork.

There is no minimum timeframes.

There are some processes and procedures that you’re supposed to get done with in terms of times otherwise the court might send you a notice about a hearing because you’re not moving quickly enough.

But again, turning your paperwork after 30 days after service and you get your divorce done a lot quicker.

Tim Blankenship with, we specialize in Full Service Divorce Paralegal Services.

So give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide you a free phone consultation whether you just filed or you haven’t filed at all and you’ve gone all the way through your case and had your judgment rejected.

We can pick up, review, pick up where you left off and wrap up your case for you and kind of debug it and figure out what’s going on.

Alright, please give us a call.