California Divorce | Form FL-110 Summons Changes For 2014

California Divorce Form FL-110 Summons Changes For 2014

This is just a quick video to let you know about the 2014 Form updates for Family Law for California divorce.

There are usually two updates a year and I just want to do a quick video on the form changes.

So far, for this first change of the year, there’s only one form that’s changed and this is the summons. This is FL-110 and looking at the form, it is much different as far as how it’s setup. I think the information there is exactly but it’s a lot easier to read and understand.

Specifically and I’m looking at the amount, what they’ve really done is they’ve really put an emphasis on the fact that on the back, on page 2 there are so much restraining orders that they need to be aware of.

They really make that a point to see that before you had to go to page 2 which looked like a lot of legal lease and I think those people just skip it over and when people come over to our office, I make sure to point out what those restraining orders are, they’re called ATRO’s and I’ll do another video right after this one where we’ll go through this and discuss the different issues with regards to the automatic restraining orders on the summons.

So I just wanted to make sure you knew that so if you’ve got an older form, if you’ve gotten something offline or online and you have the older form, it’s going to be rejected automatically if you try and file it with the court so make sure you have the form revision for the summons FL-110 dated January 1, 2014 and that will be on the bottom left-hand corner of the form.

Alright that’s it for today, if you have any questions and need help about your divorce in California, call the number 661-281-0266 or the number on your website for more information.