Is Doing Your Own California Divorce A Good Idea

Is Doing Your Own California Divorce A Good Idea

This is the fifth and perhaps last video in the series this week discussing and helping people have the conversation with themselves if they should do their own divorce or not.

We’ve talked about what happens when your divorce doesn’t go as planned if you’re self-representing yourself, who you will turn to when you have questions about divorce.

Why is it important to get you divorce paperwork done right the first time, should you do your own divorce, and we talked about money, when it’s a good idea to hire someone, when it’s a good idea to do it on your own.

And today we are talking about, is doing your own divorce case a good idea. This may seem very self-serving. We suggest that you don’t do your divorce.

We’re not saying hire an attorney, we’re saying hire us obviously. We’re saying hire a professional company paralegal service, legal document assistant service which we are to prepare your divorce case for you.

It’s going to get done right the first time, we’re going to go down the court, we’re going to fill out the forms, we’re going to file them, serve them, explain all the process and procedures, we’re here to answer all of your questions.

We have all the courts software, anything the attorneys have, software wise we have it as well. We can do everything, start to finish so you can go on with your life.

Divorce is going to be an emotional roller coaster as it is. It’s not something that you want to try and figure out paperwork wise so obviously we’d suggest it’s better to do it with a professional company like us.

That’s kind of our take on things. This has been like a wrap up for the week, and helps you people to decide if it’s a good idea or not to do their own divorce.

Some of the things I may have talked on hundreds of different videos about the pluses and minuses of doing your own divorce.

If you have more time than money then maybe you want to do it yourself but there are so many things that can go wrong with the paperwork.

There’s a lot of information out there about yes, you can do your own divorce but from what we see we do so many cases every year that we have clients call us left and right who’ve attempted and spent months and months and years trying to do their own divorce and failed.

And they all tell me: “Tim, if I had found your service before I ever got started it would’ve been a life saver.” and looking back they would have never attempted to do their divorce on their own.

So I think I can only share people that have gone before you and who have told me: “Tim, I would not have done this had I known that there is a service that could take care of everything like you guys do for us.

Those people eventually will hire us once they find our service and we have to pick up where they left off, retrace their entire case, make sure everything was done right, if not, we fix it because it’s usually what happens and then wrap up their case for them.

That’s kind of how I would explain coming to that decision or coming to that conclusion of whether you should try it on your own or hire us.

Look back at the people that have hired us and people that have attempted to do it on their own and their kind of thought process on what they would do knowing what they know now.

Tim Blankenship, Anywhere in California, we can help you with our divorce, call our number at 661-281-0266 and I’d be happy to talk to you and let you know what we can do for you in your particular case.

Talk to you soon!