California Divorce | What To Do Before You Hire An Attorney

California Divorce | What To Do Before You Hire An Attorney

Today we’re talking about how to save money with your Divorce.

Now what we’ve seen lately is a trend where people are hiring attorneys where I have to bet spending all their money and then before the Divorce is finished running out of money whether that was your only 5,000 you had for retainer and now that’s gone.

Or if you’ve spent $20-$30-$50 a $100,000 and now your money is all gone.

Regardless of what that point is where you ran out of money the problem is your case is unfinished and now you’re left high and dry without an attorney because they’re going to drop you as soon as you stopped making the payment and you’re going to have to go to trial on your own.

Now sadly in my opinion that’s when you need the attorney the most is when you’re going to trial.

And now you’re there to do it on your own. So here’s my recommendation and we try and get this videos in front of people before they hire an attorney.

We’re not saying attorneys are bad. We’re just saying they’re very costly.

Start your Divorce with us whether or not you think you may need an attorney or not because we can get so much of the paperwork done for such a much lower cost than what the attorneys going to charge you to get that point.

We found people have put a $5,000 retainer down. And all they’ve done is had the Divorce filed, served and their preliminary declaration of disclosure done.

So this is all paperwork. None of this requires an attorney or legal advice.

Letters had been written, emails have been exchanged and their $5,000 is gone.

And they’re not even halfway done with their Divorce. They haven’t even had a date in court.

So what I’m saying is use our service to file your case. We’ll complete the documents.

We’ll take them down to court. We’ll file it and take care of serving it just like an attorney does.

Let us work on your financial disclosures, your preliminary declaration disclosure, your income, your income and expense declaration, schedule of assets and debts and get all that filed and served.

We can even file motions on your behalf.  We can file motions, write declarations, get you court dates, mediation dates, facilitator dates.

We do everything a law firm does in that respect but for a much lower cost.

Then prior to hearing you can choose to represent yourself or at that point that’s when you hire the attorney.

Now you’ve got three courses all the way to the process and now the money can be better spent on them representing you in court and that’s the way we see things.

Well give me a call. Hopefully you watch this before you start your Divorce.

If not if you’re halfway through you can still get a lot of documentation done for you.

We serve all of California and we work on flat fee pricing. I’ll be happy to discuss your particular circumstance and give you quote for this specific service you are looking for.

661-281-0266 or you can also go to for more information.