California Divorce How To List Your Property Correctly On Judgment

California Divorce How To List Your Property Correctly On Judgment

In this article we are going to talk more about how to list your property when addressing your property on your judgment of your divorce here in California.

So we have a lot of folks when people call us, so they will call us at the beginning and just they’ve decided right upfront they don’t want to use someone service.

They’re going to do it on their own. I think it’s simple and so forth. Some people call us in the middle of their case where they have filed and done some of the paperwork. And then they get stuck and then they call us to finish things up forth.

And then some people try to get through the entire case and get stuck at the judgment phase or get the judgment rejected multiple times. And in regards of where at your case we can certainly help you.

But in this video I want to talk to you about how to list certain property. And a lot of issues we’re seeing with clients who argues in our service they later come to us, “How do we list some of that property?

So what we’re talking about is the judgment. And we’re talking about the property or order form when you’re completing your judgment and the property.

So a couple of things when you’re listing your property on the judgment you need to identify specifically so it doesn’t leave any doubt in the courts mind or the other parties mind what property you’re referring to.

So for instance, if you’re going to list a car on the judgment, you should list the year make, model and license plate. So 1999, Toyota Camry, license plate blah-blah. That’s how you should list it.

What we’re seeing with these people are just listing Honda Ford and that’s it. Well that’s not sufficient.  That will be rejected by the court because it doesn’t identify the property specifically.

But you can also use the VIN but that’s obviously a lot longer number. So you’ll just be fine by just using the license plate.

Now for other types of vehicle like boats, trailers, off road motorcycles, there’s always going to be some type of identifying number.

For boat there’s a whole number. For trailers they have a license plate. There are identifying numbers for off road motorcycles. So just use those numbers to identify it specifically.

The other thing is a home. If you have a home and you’re going to be–if you’re going to address that in your divorce which of course you will. You can’t just list the property address.

You need to get the legal description of the property. Now the easiest way is to simply pull out your deed. And go to the appendix that gives the legal description.

It’s essentially a short paragraph that it describes those legal description Lot 4 of Track 9 and so forth.

Bank accounts and credit cards. So when you’re listing these items, what you want to list is the name of the bank and just the last four digits of the account.

You don’t want to put the whole 16 digits account number of your credit card. You don’t want to put all the digits of your bank account because essentially these documents aren’t public record.

So you’re not going to want to have your account numbers out there one more way someone can access your personal information. So for instance, your credit card Bank of America, last four digits 1234.

That’s all you need to say, maybe Bank of America Visa, 1234. And if it’s a checking account then Bank of America Checking, 1234. That’s how you’d list that type of property.

So regardless of what it is just adequately describe it. So there’s no doubt in your mind, the other party’s mind or the courts mind with that property.

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