California Divorce Judgment Rejected? This Is Why!

There are many reasons your California Divorce judgment paperwork will be rejected. In fact, there are 3 pages of reasons why your California Divorce judgment may be rejected.

But the main reason your judgement papers get rejected is because when you turn in your divorce judgment package to the court, this is the first time anybody is actually reviewing your documents. (Continue reading below video)


When you turn in your divorce judgment, that is the first time the court is reviewing even your initial court documents such as your summons and petition and whether you know it or not, if you did something wrong on the divorce petition, you wouldn’t know it until you turned in your judgment.

Now, while your divorce judgment can be rejected for many reasons, generally the court will review and provide you with a list of reasons why your divorce judgment paperwork is being rejected.

But, they won’t tell you what the correction is. They will just tell you what is wrong with it.

And for the first time in my life, I have seen a reject sheet that didn’t even provide the reasons why the judgment was rejected. If you watched the video, i showed you a reject sheet from a clerk that basically said the paperwork was so messed up that they weren’t going to go to the trouble of providing all the reasons why it was being rejected.

In fact, the divorce judgment reject sheet simply said that there were too many issues and many missing documents and to seek legal advice on how to prepare their divorce.

That is exactly what this person did. They hired us to review and correct and finalize their divorce case. Now, while the clerk was correct and there were many missing forms and errors, i just thought it was so lazy of the clerk to not even provide the reasons why it was rejected.

If you need assistance with your divorce judgment paperwork please give us a call. Correcting California divorce paperwork is our speciality. Or, just save yourself some trouble and hire us before you ever file a single divorce form.

You will save yourself a lot of wasted time and grief.