How California Divorce Mediation Works

How California Divorce Mediation Works

I want to let you know on this video that some people call us because we’re just a Paralegal Firm.

They know we can’t give legal advice or represent them in court.

So we usually will work with people who have Amicable cases or somewhat amicable.

I want to let you know you don’t have to have all your agreements in place to use our services and here’s why.

The question becomes ‘Tim, what happens if we start using your service and we run into a little difficulty in coming up with the agreements and we get stuck?’

And it does happened. So what we do is we would refer you out to a third party Mediation Service.

It’s someone that we worked with closely who’s also has an affordable business of where they can sit down with you and help you mediate your issues whether it’d be one issue such as spousal support or maybe you guys are in agreement on anything.

That’s what the Mediation is for. They’ll help you establish a line of communication if you’re not communicating well.

And then they’ll help you come up with the agreements on foundation of what’s fair.

Mediation when you have issues or unable to come to decisions on your own regarding the terms of your Divorce Mediation is a fantastic solution.

It keeps the parties talking and you guys will come up with the best. The decisions will be the best interest for both of you with no real winners or losers.

So yes you can use our service even if you don’t have agreements in place.

Part of the process is Mediation if that’s not the case if you’re unable to come up with agreements on your own.

So just keep that in mind. I want to share that with you because a lot of people are unaware that Mediation Services exist.

I love to hear from you.