California Divorce | Do You Need To File Response When Divorce Is Amicable?

California Divorce | Do You Need To File Response When Divorce Is Amicable?

Today I want to talk to you about filing for divorce in California and if you need to file a response if your divorce is amicable.

If everything is pretty hunky-dory and you think you’re going to get through your divorce and it’s not going to be contested and you’re not going to end up in court. Meaning, it’s amicable, the question is should you file a response.

If you take a look at the summons, it’ll say that you have to file a response and if you don’t file a response, the court can make decisions without you and a lot of that stuff can happen to you. And that’s true.

However, if you have an amicable divorce and you and your spouse are working together to complete your case together and that’s how we do 95% of our cases. Both parties are working together. We don’t have them file a response.

It’s not necessary to complete your judgment. You don’t have to file a response to complete your judgment if you have an amicable divorce. You can still complete your divorce, do all the financial paperwork. All the same things you would do as if you responded and including entering into a written agreement with your spouse.

This is what’s called a hybrid. It’s also called a default with agreement. Totally allowed by the courts. They don’t advertise it because they’d rather get two filing fees if they could.

And if you have questions on this, make sure to call me. You can also research on our YouTube channel, default agreement with default divorce with agreement.

We’ve done a video on that as well so you can get more information on that. Just to do homework and see if that will work for you.

The reason we wanted to get this information out there is because the filing fees in California are $435 currently. You would be beneficial if you could save that money and file a hybrid or a default with agreement divorce case and save $435.

If you want more information on this, call me and I’d be happy to prepare your divorce in this manner. Save you that $435 and then that would help you afford our fees for preparing your divorce and you don’t have to do it on your own.

Tim Blankenship, 661-281-0266. We do handle divorce cases all throughout California.

Look forward to helping you and of course you can always get more information off our website or feel free to give me a call, we’d be happy to help you.