Why Was My California Divorce Never Finished?

Why Was My California Divorce Never Finished?

Today we’re talking about some of the top reasons why your divorce case in California may not have been finished.

And this article is spurred by the fact that we get lots of calls, people calling us saying they thought their divorce was finalized and later realized they’re not. And this has been folks that got remarried where maybe twenty years has gone by. Sky is the limit.

We want to kind of give you some of these reasons so maybe this won’t happen to you or you can also look at this video as things to watch out for or potential pitfalls when trying to file your own divorce in California.

The first reason we discussed and this will be linked in with our blog articles as well, is that you just didn’t finish your case.

Folks are under the misunderstanding that when they file their divorce papers, that’s all there is to do. That they file the summons and petition, the other party didn’t file a response and maybe they did some of the other paperwork, maybe they even submitted the judgment but they never received court approval.

They just assume it was done because they didn’t get anything back.

A lot of times the reason they didn’t get anything back is because you didn’t send an envelope with postage paid to you, because the court is not going to send it back.

The next thing we came up with is that you went to a hearing during your divorce and you receive some orders. This happens quite a bit too.

If you’re going through a divorce process and you need to file a motion because you need to support or custody reasons or something like that. You will get a temporary order issued. And that’s all it is. Temporary, it’s not the final order in your divorce and we just had this happen.

We had a client who had called us. They said their divorce was finalized.

We looked online and the judgment had not been entered and we saw they went recently with the court and they said yes, we went to court and the court made orders for our divorce.

And that’s great. Those are temporary. Those are not your final order. You still have to submit your final judgment paper-works.

So, watch out for that, if you had filed a motion and you have temporary orders. They’re only temporary.

Number three, and this kinds of falls out to number two. Final judgment in your case was never entered. Kind of going back to that motion. You have to file your final judgment you have to do all the final paperwork. You have to get a notice of entry of judgment. You need to get that back from the court with the judges signature or our divorce is not over.

Number four, this is kind of a blank of statement. You made an error on your paperwork. This could be your judgment paperwork. It could be any of the paperwork leading up to. It could be the summons, the petitions, anything leading up to the judgment. If there’s one mistake on any of the paperwork in your case, your judgement will be rejected.

Number five, you did not comply with the divorce procedure leading up to judgment. This means, this is different with the forms. The other issue was messing up the forms not checking the box.

This is procedure. Did you serve the party correctly? Did you file the proof of service? Did you serve something by mail that had to be done in person? The procedural issue of spouse we pull up quite a bit.

So, we want to get some of these top reasons out to, we cover five top reasons why your divorce may get rejected or maybe unfinished, however you decide to view this.

We can help you wherever you are at. People call us in various stages.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm and we specialize in divorce in California. We can handle your case from the very beginning before you ever file a single document or we can clean up your mess if you’ve already started it and you’ve found yourself in trouble.

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