California Divorce | Overview Of The California Divorce Process

California Divorce | Overview Of The California Divorce Process

I just want to give you a brief overview of what you’re looking at when going through Divorce in California.

When you use a service like ours or should I say when you use our service specifically we break the Divorce process down into three steps because trust me you won’t be happy if we throw everything at you at once.

Number one if someone has to decide either you or your spouse who’s going to file for Divorce. Once the paperwork is filed it needs to be served.

So we’ll prepare the initial documents. You guys decide who’s going to file be the filing party. We’ll file the paperwork.

We’ll get your case issued and the other party will need to be served which we’ll also take care of doing.

We have to get those documents into the other party’s hands either by personal service.

We can do it by mail and there’s some other ways we can go back doing that. That’s step one.

Step two is that parties have to complete all their financial disclosures. There are lots of financial disclosures.

Aside from children Divorce is going to be all about dividing up your property. Your assets, your debts, your house, your IRAs, your cars, your bank accounts, all of that.

We’ll help prepare that for both parties. Then we have to come up with the agreements.

You have to let us know who’s getting what, what are you doing with the kids.

Is there going to be spousal support, child support? We will put all those agreements into the final paperwork which is called the judgment.

And once you guys will sign that we’ll submit that to the court and your case will be complete.

That’s how easy it can be. Call us because everyone has specific circumstances.

So within those guidelines give me a call. I’ll be happy to answer your questions specific to your scenario.

And then we can help you with your Divorce in California. Please call us I’ll be happy to help you with your case.