Why Your California Divorce Papers Are Being Rejected

Why Your California Divorce Papers Are Being Rejected

Today, I want to talk to you about if you’re watching this video the way I’ve titled this is if you’ve probably filed for Divorce in California and you’ve had your Divorce judgment rejected once, twice maybe multiple times.

I think the record I’ve heard so far is six times being rejected over two year period by people trying to prepare their own Divorce.

So I want to just comment on that. It’s not just you.

We get a lot of calls every about folks who are having trouble getting their judgment through the system.

They have filed for Divorce. They think they’ve completed all the steps. And then when they turn it all the paperwork it gets rejected.

And the problem with that is it could take a month up to three months sometimes before it gets rejected.

All the while you think everything is fine.

So the biggest issue and I want to express why you’re getting it rejected multiple times is this, when you submit your judgment number one it’s the first time anyone in the court is looking at anything you filed including your petition.

They’re looking at it if the process was filed correctly, if the procedure was filed correctly, if you serve correctly.

And that’s where they’re going to check and make sure you’ve done I’s and you’ve cross the T’s.

It’s the first time anyone ever looks to your paperwork. So anything could be wrong from the very day you started to file your case.

Number two is because they are reviewing so many judgments what they often do will find one reason to reject your judgment or any part of it.

They’ll fill up the rejection sheet and they’ll send it back to you. So you’ll get that back in the mail.

You will make that correction think you’re good to go. You send it back in long envelope you get it back again with another rejection.

I had a call just yesterday exact the same scenario and again we get these calls all the time.

Her case was rejected three times. And she said, ‘Well these fixes seem easy.’

And I said, ‘Let me guess what’s happening. And they keep rejecting it for different reasons.’

She said yes. And I expressed one of the reason is they just find a reason and reject it.

So she’s going to attempt to do it again. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the money for our services.

And I told her just to go through and review everything. That’s what we do as a service.

Many people come to us for us to fix their judgment and what we do is we don’t just say that’s correct what’s on the judgment sheet.

We will go through your entire case from start to finish from day 1 from checking your petition to checking your proof of service up to checking your financial disclosures and go through your entire judgment before we will resubmit it for you.

And we’ll do that with great success. If we just went off the judgment sheet and fix what they stated we’ll have the same problem you did.

So our suggestions if you’re going to continue trying to submit your judgment go through your entire case from start to finish.

Don’t just fix the one issue that they’ve found. Otherwise we will recommend calling us.

We can fix your case. We can go through the entire thing. We do what’s called a judgment review.

We go through all the paperwork that’s filed from start to finish.

That way we can find any errors and we often find multiple additional errors than the court has noted because they’re just rejecting it for that single issue and not going further in to your case.

So please call us if you need help with getting your case finished at any point in your Divorce.

We can pick up where you left off. We can fix rejected judgments.

That’s what we do. That’s our specialty.