California Divorce Resources Tips & Help

California Divorce Resources Tips & Help

Hi! This is Tim Blankenship with

Today we are talking about the California divorce resources tips and help that we have on our website, on our blog actually.

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My name is Tim Blankenship. I am a licensed and bonded legal document preparation service. We do specialize in divorce in California.

And today, simply we’re just going to talk about some of the helpful tips and tricks and resources that we have on our website.

So, if you’re looking to get information about divorce in California, the best way is to go to our – blog and you can go to our resources tab and find lots of helpful information.

What we have found is that, while there are resources online from the courts and so forth, there isn’t an easy way to find the information and if you do find the information it is difficult to understand.

So, what we have done is taken the information from the court’s website, information we know, and we started putting that out on audio, on our podcast, we put it out on video and we also write about it.

So, what we’re attempting to do is make it easier to understand as far as divorce is concerned in California.

So, let’s talk a little bit about some of the resources that we have on our site here. We have several items that you can utilize to get information such as, our resources page. You can find information regarding the California rules of court. And I’m looking at my site right now, just so we can kind of get a reference here.

We have the Los Angeles County family law rules. We have the California Family Law codes. We also have helpful links to a superior court websites, the mediator sites, where you can find case summaries. We have the county law libraries as well on our site. You can get that information there as well.

We have the case law database, we have free online legal resources and lots of other information that you can find on the site. You also find that we have a tab that goes to our YouTube channel and that is at, and on that site we have probably now an over of 150 videos that you can watch, tutorials, helpful tips, how to fill out certain forms, forms that you need for divorce, etc.

We have a lot of that information out there. Now we also have our podcast, if you prefer to listen to the information. You can listen to our podcasts. We do use So, you’ll see in our blog down there it’ll say Tim talks about divorce.

We have probably, I don’t know, maybe a hundred podcasts that we’ve uploaded to that site and if you are a blog talk radio listener, we also have a Wednesday evening show at 6PM that you can watch. We talk about various items related to California divorce and we will take callers and answer questions. People can call and get some free information from us.

So, lots of good information, again the website is

When people calls us for assistance or to use our service, we often hear that they’ve watch numerous videos, read many articles and before they even calling us and how helpful it has been for them.

So we do recommend that you go to our site, it’s probably the most resourceful, informational website for California divorce out there. All the content is published by me, including the blog, the podcast, the videos everything is coming at my hand.

So, if you have more questions rather, and you like to talk to me direct about our paid service. We do specialize in preparing divorce documents in California. We’d be happy to take care of that for you.

Until then, fell free to cruise our website and get all the information that you need and all the help that you can find and then just give us a call if you’re ready to get started or if you need some assistance with your divorce.

My name is Tim Blankenship,

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