California Divorce Spousal Support Stipulations To Show Income

California Divorce Spousal Support Stipulations To Show Income

Today we are talking about stipulations, specifically stipulations for say child support or stipulations for spousal support.

Now first thing, let’s describe what a stipulation is during divorce, during the process or even after the divorce is concluded you and your spouse can enter into an agreement, this is also known as a stipulation.

Stipulations are usual if you needed some type of temporary order, maybe one spouse is moving out and they need evidence of income and they want to see some type of court order showing that you’re making some income.

Well, you can do that on a stipulations and then you can file with the court, get the judges’ signature and then that can be your evidence of income and that can be a good way to show income if you are trying to get an apartment or you are trying to move out and they are looking for evidence of income.

So regarding stipulations, if you need to have that done, it is something as simple as drawing up the agreements and there are some specific languages and some specific verbiage that needs to be in there for the court to sign up on it.

So if you need help with the stipulations, we can certainly put that together for you. It’s something we do quite a bit putting together either stipulations for spousal support or child support or combination of both.