California Divorce Trial Preparation Service

California Divorce Trial Preparation Service

We have been getting a lot of calls for what we call Trial Preparation document preparation related to trials for Divorce.

So if you’re going through Divorce and you don’t come to an agreement ultimately that will lead to trial.

Before trial you’re going to have to attend series of meetings, trials and conferences mandatory settlement conferences and then ultimately you’ll go trial.

Before each of these hearings there are various paperwork that is required to be done.

Generally speaking we’re talking about exhibit lists, witness lists.

We’re talking about trial briefs, mandatory settlement conference briefs and all of these takes certain level of expertise to provide and to complete.

Generally speaking you’ll need an attorney. Otherwise you can use services like ours especially if you’re representing yourself.

Or in many cases what we found people have run out of money prior to trial with their attorney, their attorney has dropped them.

And now they need a service like ours who can at a more affordable level provide these services of trial preparation.

So if you find yourself heading towards trial what’s going to happen is you’re going to get a sheet of paper from the court.

It’s going to give you specific instructions of what needs to be prepared and what needs to be filed and served, however many days prior to the hearing.

So if you’re going to need this service we do offer a Trial Prep Service as much as more affordable than attorney.

So please give us a call if you need any of those services.

Trial briefs, MSE briefs, exhibit lists or witness lists, anything else that has to do with trial prep usually we’ll have to do your final declaration of disclosure.

And there’s a lot of effort that goes into that.

So please give us a call and please give us a call with an advance time because it does take a long time to get the amount of paperwork the court request completed.

Feel free to give me a call for a free consultation 661-281-0266.