California Divorce Videos On Divorce661.TV

California Divorce Videos On Divorce661.TV

Tim: …website Divorce661.TV. Now, everything at a separate channel just for if you want to watch videos.

Lisa: Okay.

Tim: So on my they could watch on the video tab but this is literally everything over 500 videos now.

So you can go right to Divorce661.TV and they could watch…

Lisa: And find the topic they want.

Tim: The topic they want…

Lisa: Great.

Tim: …or the most recent topic. This was where the last ones that I did. But it’s, yes, they can subscribe to the YouTube channel right from one’s pretty need.

Lisa: That’s great.

Tim: So yes, alright.

Lisa: Okay, good.

Tim: We’ll talk to you next time. Thanks for tuning in.

Lisa: Alright.