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Now with over 200 videos about the California divorce process, we have become a go-to source for information.  Everyday we have new clients calling us because they have watched one of our videos about California divorce.

Not everyone searches YouTube directly for videos, so we wanted to write this article just so people are aware that we recorded hundreds of videos on the California divorce process because sometimes is jus makes more sense to be able to listen to a video than read one of our divorce blogs.

You can click on the divorce video navigation tab above or click this Link To Our California Divorce Videos .  You can also jump on over to our YouTube Channel Here is you would prefer to watch them there.  The benefit to being on our YouTube channel is that you can search our channel for specific videos to answer the questions you have.

We recently had one of our client whose California divorce was finalized leave us a nice review.  They even commented on the fact that she appreciated how much information we put out there for free with our California divorce videos.

She commented on the review that we had so much information on our videos that one could complete their entire divorce on their own simply by watching our divorce videos.

While this is true, it would take you some considerable time, but you absolutely could do it.

So if you prefer to watch videos rather than read our blogs,  we have you covered.  We also have recorded podcasts and have a radio show about California divorce which you can find on our “On The Air” tab above.

No matter how you like to get your information, we have a resource for you.

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