California Divorce | We Work With Both Spouses During Divorce

California Divorce | We Work With Both Spouses During Divorce

Today we are talking to you about how we are able to work with both spouses during the divorce process.

We are what’s called a neutral third party. We do not represent either side when you use our divorce service.

It doesn’t matter if you hire us or your spouse hires us, we can and often do work with both spouses. And the reason we’re able to do that is because we are not a law firm and we’re not attorneys. We are here simply to facilitate the divorce process in any way we can.

And if that means working with both spouses to get all the paperwork completed as required to complete your divorce. We’re willing to do that and we do that for the same price.

We don’t charge a double fee if we’re working with both spouses. We treat it as a single fee working with both parties to facilitate getting the process done.

You have a couple of options when it comes to doing that.

Some folks come in to our office together, both husband and wife come in and meet with us on the first occasion and we get to know each other and we complete the initial documents and we can get started that way.

But that’s not required. We only need the party filing for divorce to come in for the initial appointment to get the ball rolling, to complete the initial paperwork.

And then moving forward, it’s up to you if you want your spouse to come in later to meet with us or if you want to be the one that we kind of coordinate everything through.

Again, it really just comes down to what works best for you. Again, anyway we can facilitate the process in coordinating and moving things forward with you is what we’re here for.

If that means working with each of you independently, working with you together or working through one of you who will facilitate the process and moving things forward. And we have a pretty good idea of which way that’s going to go once we meet with you the first time.

We want to get this video message out there because when parties do hire us from the get go, sometimes they think that we’re here just to represent them, which isn’t the case. We don’t represent either side. We are a neutral third party. We’re here to facilitate the process and get the paperwork done and just get you guys divorced so you can move on with your lives.

My name is Tim Blankenship, is our website.

Feel free to give me a call, 661-281-0266. We can handle divorce cases anywhere in California and we look forward to working with you.