California Uncontested Divorce Form Judgment Checklist – Santa Clarita Divorce

We have put together a comprehensive video on what documents you need in order to properly submit your California Uncontested Divorce Forms.

We are also including a link at the bottom of the post so you can actually print out and attach the uncontested divorce judgment checklist which is a good practice.  This is a good practice for two reasons.  First, you can check off the forms as you go when compiling the divorce judgment.  Second, it lets the court know what kind of divorce judgment you are submitting so they understand why you have submitted the documents you have submitted.

We have prepared a separate video and blog post for each of the different types of California divorce judgments you may have.  The California Uncontested Divorce judgment checklist will be used under the following circumstances. A Petition was filed, a Response was filed, and the parties have a written agreement.

Yes, it is still considered uncontested, even if your spouse filed a response.  To use this type of judgment, you have to comply with the specific rules prior to submitting the judgment.  Make sure you have filed the proof of service of summons, because you will have to submit that with the judgment as proof.  In addition, make sure both of you have served your Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure (PDD’s) and filed the FL-141 (Declaration Regarding Service Of Preliminary Declaration Of Disclosure) and also submit a filed copy along with your judgment paperwork.

Use this link to download a copy of the Uncontested Dissolution Judgment Checklist For California.

Make sure to print it out, write your name at the top and check off the documents as you go.  Don’t forget to follow all the instructions as far as submitting it with paid postage and making three copies of everything.

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