Should You Change Insurance Companies After Divorce

Should You Change Insurance Companies After Divorce

Tim: It’s a good time for a new quote anyways.

Jon: Right!

Tim: Now were you saying earlier that we should move change companies? How do you describe it?

Jon: Which you might consider.

It depends on how well you know your Insurance Agent or Broker or the Insurance Company that you are with because a lot of times what will happen is, since your house hold together that when it gets split apart, not everything within the insurance companies is always going to be picked up correctly.

So as a result, you still may have some of your personal stuff going to your ex-spouse. I had dealt with this with Divorce couples where they are very adamant.

I don’t want anything about me going to him…

Tim: Right.

Jon: … or anything about me going to her. And so one thing to consider is that if you’re going to that process is maybe taking it to a different carrier or maybe just to a different Broker if you want to stay with the same carrier just to eliminate the chances of that information being found.

One thing that you’re going to run into is when you split up the house like that or split up the cars, you may find your rates changing a little; examination bit.

And the reason is most companies give discounts when you have multiple cars with them while when you split it out and become two separate accounts then what happens is that discount falls off.

So it’s another reason to look for quotes at that time or look for the coverage just because all these things are happening at once.

It’s just a perfect time to take a look.

Tim: So the company has made about staying with the same changing carriers but staying with the same Broker?

They can do that through one of these companies like I had before. But with you, they can keep you as the Broker changed carriers?

Did I understand that correctly?

Jon: Yes, I don’t want to mislead anybody.

Tim: Yes.

Jon: You, if you’re with a company and I don’t want to mention names a state farm farmers, you all state, that the big companies out there.

All those companies allow you to change your agent if you want to change your agent that helps split apart your household.

Tim: Okay.

Jon: As a Broker, you can do the same thing. What a Broker will allow you to do those maybe see about changing that company all together…

Tim; Got you.

Jon: …if there’s a better deal for you. Some companies are better if you have kids on the policy.

When of you’re single without the kids on the policy, there maybe a better option for you as a single individual than there was with a family as kids.

So those are the sort of things that the Broker can bring to the table.

Tim: Got you! Well, that’s very good.