Chatsworth Divorce Court | How Long Does Divorce Process Take?

Chatsworth Divorce Court | How Long Does Divorce Process Take?

Today, we’re talking about how long does the divorce process takes when you’re going through a divorce in Chatsworth at the Chatsworth Courthouse?

And honestly it’s no different in anywhere in LA County because Family Law has now moved to Chatsworth.

A lot of people are searching for assistance at the Chatsworth Courthouse. So this is the way of getting in front of people.

So Divorce six months, I’m sure you’ve heard California has what’s called a cooling off period.

It takes six months before your Divorce can be finalized.

The best way to look at it is six months is the soonest your Divorce can be finalize.

Now the six months that clock starts ticking at the date of service. So when you file your divorce case it doesn’t matter.

Once you serve your initial papers on your spouse that will starts the clock.

Moving forward, you can get all your paperwork done within that six months period.

If you like you can get it done as fast as 3 days after service and submit your entire Divorce case to the court.

But you don’t have to wait up to six months to submit your case. And a lot of people have that misconception.

They file for Divorce. They serve their Divorce. And then they’ll wait six months to turn everything in.

If you do that you’re going to delay your Divorce case by about two to three months because the courts have a delay when you submit that final paperwork to the court.

Then you’re going to wait an additional two to three months just because you’re so busy in reviewing those final documents. There’s going to be a delay.

So what we do if you use our service which we obviously encourage you to do is we will get your divorce case as soon as 30 days.

Submit it to the court as quickly as we can. And around two to three months mark we submit it to the court.

And that takes them that two to three months to complete and we’ll have your divorce case usually done before that six months even comes around.

And then the date of your Divorce will be a future date because we got your Divorce case done so quickly.

Okay, so, I just want to make sure you guys understand that you don’t have to wait up to six months.

We’ve seen that quite a bit. Call us. We love to help you with our Full Service Divorce process.

We’ll take care of everything, forms, filing with the court, working with both parties, helping you mediate the case and get through this your Divorce as complete as possible.

We have all the courts forms and software attorneys and the courts have. And we can definitely assist you with your Divorce in Chatsworth.

Please give us a call. Free phone consultation at 661-281-0266.