Chatsworth Divorce Court Now Handling San Fernando Divorce Cases

Chatsworth Divorce Court Now Handling San Fernando Divorce Cases

Well, it’s official. Earlier in the week I reported that I was hearing rumors that the San Fernando Divorce Court services were going to move potentially to Chatsworth.

And today we just received confirmation that, that is the case. So here’s the information you need to know.

Starting November 17th, 2014, so, 11-17-2014 in just a few weeks all Family Law related matters at the San Fernando Courthouse will now be filed at Chatsworth at the Chatsworth Courthouse.

Now what we’re hearing not only any new cases being filed as of that date but all previously filed cases, so,  all the San Fernando Divorce Court filings will move to Chatsworth.

There hasn’t been any indication as to what departments they’re going to have or contact phone numbers there’s literally nothing on the Superior Court website but we did have a source inside the San Fernando Courthouse that has let us know that 11-17 is the date that all Family Law related matters will move to the Chatsworth Courthouse.

So we’re going to be doing a lot of videos as more information comes out on this. There’s been a lot of shake up with the courts recently.

A lot of closures and things moving around, this just be in the most recent one.

From what we understand the jurisdiction for the folks that were normally filing in San Fernando are all going to go to Chatsworth, so, they’re not going to divide up any to in Van Nuys or any other courts.

Everything that needs to go to San Fernando will now go to Chatsworth.

So check back in for more information on court changes and look for a couple dozen videos we’re going to do just on the Chatsworth Courthouse alone.

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