Chatsworth Divorce Full Service Divorce Firm

Chatsworth Divorce Full Service Divorce Firm

Today, we’re talking about our Full Service Divorce Paralegal Process serving the Chatsworth Courthouse.

So we are a Full Service Divorce Firm. What that means is we take care of everything and leave nothing up to you.

We will take care of filling out the forms. We will go down to the Chatsworth Courthouse and we will file them.

We’ll take care of serving any and all documents throughout the process.

We’ll take care of completing financial disclosures for both of you and your spouse because we are a neutral third party.

All the financial disclosures, listing all the assets and debts, doing the income declarations, we take care of all that.

So essentially you won’t have to worry about going down to the courthouse.

You won’t have to worry about picking using forms or had to fill out the forms or what the process and procedure of serving forms and filing forms is.

We take care of all of that including your putting together your final agreements otherwise known as the judgment or marital settlement agreement.

All that is, included in our Full Service Divorce Process, filling out the forms, getting your agreements in place, dealing with the court for you, working with both parties.

So we make it simple. We make it fast and efficient. And it’s obviously a very affordable way of getting through your Divorce in Chatsworth.

So make sure if you’re clinging around looking for assistance with your Divorce, if you’re looking for a true Full Service Divorce Firm in Chatsworth, please give us a call.

I think you want to talk to me and again I’ll provide you a free phone consultation. The number is 661-281-0266.

The number is right here on your screen. Go ahead and give me a call.

I’ll be happy to give you a free phone consultation. Talk to you about the specifics of your Divorce.

And I think you’ll be very pleased with our cost and how we can help you with your Divorce case in Chatsworth.

Give me a call, free phone consultation. You can’t go wrong. Talk to you soon.