Chatsworth Divorce | How To Start Your Divorce Case

Chatsworth Divorce | How To Start Your Divorce Case

I want to talk to you today about how to start your divorce case at the Chatsworth Courthouse.

So one big misconception is that people feel they have to have all their agreements in place in order to file for divorce.

All their financial stuff, custody, visitation and all that, and that’s just not the case. The courts only require a handful of documents to file your case.

I’m going to name them off for you. Number one is the petition. Number two is the summons.

And then number three for Chatsworth Courthouse specifically in LA County is a jurisdictional form.

They want to know where the parties live and make sure you’re in the right court.

And if you have children there’s form called a UCCJEA. They just want to know where the children lived for the last five years.

Those four forms alone, is, all it takes to file and start your divorce case in Chatsworth. The petition rather has very basic information.

All they need to know is your name and address, your spouse’s name and address, the children’s names and date of births, the date of marriage and the date of separation, nothing to do with property at this time.

A basic idea if there’s going to be a spousal support. If a basic idea if there’s going to be you know what the custody arrangements you would like whether it’s joint or solo custody physical and legal.

And that’s basically it. It’s very kind of scary that how much information it takes or how little information it takes rather to start a divorce case.

Now the reason we want to provide this video is because a lot of people when they’ve call us they waited until they had a lot or most of their agreements in place before filing for divorce.

And what happened is until you file your divorce papers and serve your spouse the clock doesn’t start ticking on that sixth month cooling off period.

So we encourage people when our clients call us for service the first thing we do is file and serve because that starts the clock on the process.

So there’s no delay in completing your divorce at the Chatsworth Courthouse.

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