How To Complete California Divorce Income Withholding For Support FL-195

How To Complete California Divorce Income Withholding For Support FL-195

Today we’re talking about how to fill out Income Withholding Order or Income Withholding for Support Order. This is form FL-195.

And I want to first want talk about a couple of reasons that you will want to use this and also down below in this article I’ve included a slide share with a template showing you exactly how to fill this out.

The reason I did this is if you are going to use an income withholding order, I haven’t found any other resource online that will help people fill this out. There’s some specific information to this three page form. There’s specific information that you need to fill out in the boxes.

And even if you read the instruction sheet, which there is one, it doesn’t tell you what needs to go in some of the boxes. It’s not very specific at all.

So, I want to do this little self-help video with a slide share, if you are preparing your own divorce or if you do need to submit an income withholding order, you can find this video and get some help in doing that.

Some reasons you’ll want to use an income withholding order, if you have an order for support, that could be child support or spousal support, you can use this income withholding order to submit to the employer of the person who is paying support so the support can be directly taken out of that party’s pay before they are paid.

So, you’ll get a check directly from the employer on the pay days. And this obviously has some benefits. You don’t have to worry about the other party writing your check or if there is a concern that the other party is not going to pay, it would be a good idea to do this.

Again, you can do this if you have a motion that you’ve recently filed for support and you want to get that on the income withholding order, you can do it then or you can do it as part of your divorce.

If there’s spousal support or child support ordered in your divorce, you can submit an income withholding order at that time.

For the purposes of this article, I want to go a little bit into the specifics on how you’re going to do this.

As far as filling out the form, you can look down below on this article or related article, if you’re watching this video on YouTube, go to my website and I’ll put the exact link, it will take you right to the page with this information.

But there are some specific things you want to do as far as filing it. Once you’ve prepared it and then taken down the information and put it on the form, you need to file it with the court.

You’re going to either take them down to court or mail them to court and you’re going to first ask for the judge to sign and make it an official order.

Once the judge signs it, then you need to serve it on the employer and if it’s a large corporation you’re going to want to find out where their payroll or administration office is and serve it there.

Now, when I say serve it, you’re going to do it by certified mail. You want to ensure that it’s received by the employer because they have a certain amount of days, I don’t have that in front of me now.

I’ll put it in the related article but they have a certain amount of days by when they have to actually start removing the support from the other party’s pay.

Take a look at the article, go ahead and look at the slid share for information on how to fill out the income withholding order.

Again, you need to first prepare it, get the judge to sign it, make it an official order and then serve it by certified mail on the employer and we’re going to do another video that talks about how to remove an income withholding order if you have one because you had a change in support or if you’re terminating support for perhaps the spousal support ending or child support order terminating.

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