Day 2 Of Exercise & Eating Better

So I got my 3.5 mile walk in this morning with my dog.  Picked up the pace a little and even ran a bit. I have to start easy otherwise I get shin splints.  I can already feel they are a little sore.

I started eating better yesterday as well.  Had no bread or high glycemic carbs which is usually the trick for me to lose weight.  Had a salad and later grilled chicken with quinoa and asparagus.  This morning I had eggs, turkey bacon and watermelon.  The hard part for me is cutting out the bread.  Love bread!  Was never much of a fast food guy or sweets person, so no problem there.

I have been sleeping better also the last night or two which is already a plus.  I know I always sleep better when I am getting some type of workout. I usually only sleep 4 to 5 hours and never feel 100%, but today I feel great having slept 8 hours.  First time in a long time.

Getting into work now, have a busy day.

Talk to you tomorrow.