How To Determine If Spouse Filed For Divorce | Los Angeles Divorce

How To Determine If Spouse Filed For Divorce | Los Angeles Divorce

Over the weekend we have been asked a question. Someone went to our website. And if you see at our website at there is a “Ask Tim a Question” box, you can put in your question and put in your email and I’ll generally get back to you within 24 hours if not the same day.

This question came in regarding how do I find out if my spouse has filed for a divorce, and there is only really one way of doing this if you haven’t been served the paperwork; and that is to go down to your local courthouse.

They have their internal computers; sometimes they’ll have one in the clerk’s office, for example with Los Angeles County there is a computer that you can walk up to and search by name and date of birth and attempt to locate a case number.

You cannot do this from your home computer; the only way you can search your online case from your home PC is if you already know the case number.

There are several reasons why you may want to know if your spouse already filed for divorce.

For this question came in, this gentleman wanted to file for divorce but had a feeling that his wife already had filed and didn’t want to cross-file and have two petitions for the same family. So he wanted to see if his wife had filed.

She had said she did but he hadn’t been served so he wasn’t sure if that was the case, and if she hadn’t, he wanted to go take care of that.

So what I told him is he needs to go down to the local courthouse and walk up either to the clerk and ask to have them research and see if a case has been filed under his name or his wife’s name, or sometimes like I said they’ll have a computer for your use, just outside in the clerk’s office where you can walk up to and do your own private search.

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