Determining California Spousal & Child Support DissoMaster Report

Determining California Spousal & Child Support DissoMaster Report

Today we’re going to talk about the Almighty DissoMaster. You may have heard of the term DissoMaster.

It is the software system most courts use to determine child support and spousal support numbers.

And I’m going to just kind of pull back the curtain on that so people understand what that is.

When you use our service the DissoMaster software, is the software that we have that obtain by the courts.

And we as part of our service we’ll calculate the amount of child support and spousal support if that’s, applicable in your case.

It’s simply a software program we punch in the amount of income of the parties. So let’s talk about spousal support first.

Spousal support takes in their account two things, your income and your spouse’s income.

And it will calculate a percentage amount of money payable monthly if that’s what you choose to do.

If you guys are asking that there’ll be spousal support order. Now with child support other factors are taking to an account.

On top of taking the income of the parties, it also takes in their account how much time each of you have the children.

So let me give you an example. If each of you makes $50,000 a year and you have 50-50 custody, you’re going to have an order for zero support because you guys make same amount of money and you have the children same amount of time.

Now if any of those increase or decrease on either side that’s going to fluctuate that number for instance.

If you both make $50,000 a year and you have your child say 75% of the time and your spouse has the 25% of time, well because the incomes are the same and you have more time with your child there’s going to be dollar amount ordered for child support on the DissoMaster because you have your child more time therefore the other without with the last time needs to help compensate for the cost of raising the child during the time you have them.

So I hope that makes sense on the DissoMaster. It’s part of the process when you use our service.

We’re going to talk more in the next couple days about spousal support in the jurisdictional spousal support and whether or not you want to have that included.

We’re also going to be talking further about child support in the videos to come.