Divorce Attorney Alternative Santa Monica, CA

Divorce Attorney Alternative Santa Monica, CA

We are a full service divorce paralegal firm serving Santa Monica, CA and are a divorce attorney alternative for your divorce in Santa Monica.  We take care of your entire Santa Monica Divorce including filling out all the forms, filing them with the Santa Monica Divorce Court, preparing all necessary financial disclosures and preparing your final divorce agreements.

We have all the forms and software Santa Monica divorce attorneys have and the Santa Monica divorce court system.

If you hare looking for a divorce attorney alternative in Santa Monica, CA, please give us a call.  We are an affordable alternative to hiring an attorney for your divorce in Santa Monica.

Today we’re talking to the folks in Santa Monica in California about our Divorce Attorney Alternative Service. And that was in mouthful.

So what we are? We are a non-law firm. We’re a Divorce Paralegal Firm. So we are the attorney alternative to going through Divorce in Santa Monica.

So we’re looking for folks who have an Amicable Divorce, so, they’re going to work with their spouse to come up with the agreements outside of court.

And you just need assistance with some of the paperwork and maybe you need assistance with coming to agreements, and you need some assistance with understanding the process of going through a Divorce.

And I’ll tell you what; we get a lot of calls from Santa Monica just because there’s a court house in the area and people want to know what’s the process, how does it work.

That’s some frequently asked questions that we get on a daily basis. And people are usually looking for a way to save money on their Divorce.

And being that we are an Attorney Alternative Service, we are that affordable, flat fee pricing business.

You can go to our website at Divorce661.com and go right to our pricing page. And you’ll see that we have our pricing right there on the website.

It’s a flat fee. It’s affordable. We can help you in some cases avoid having to pay some of the court fees but give us a call because we only specialize in Divorce.

And we do have services in Santa Monica area. We have made this as a specialty of ours. And we’d love to help you explain the process.

You can give us a call. We have a free consultation. And you can use us to prepare all your documents for both you and your spouse as we are a neutral third party.

And we’ll do everything from start to finish. From filling up the forms, we’ll go down to Santa Monica court house and file them, the service, all the financial disclosures, we’ll take care of all the agreements.

We have all the courts software and forms that the courts have and attorneys have.

So you probably won’t need any other service other than ours, if you’re able to come up with agreements with your spouse, otherwise, we’ll set you up with some mediation that’s also affordable, get those agreements in place, get that documented on the appropriate court forms and submit your case.

I just want to let you know about Attorney Alternative Service in Santa Monica. Give us a call when you’re ready.