Divorce In A Day In California

Divorce In A Day In California

Today we are talking a little bit more about our divorce in a day program.

Ever since the courts in California started announcing this plan of trying to do divorce in a day which in my previous video I’ve said it’s pretty much a misnomer you can’t really get divorced in a day.

We have been getting some calls on it and people asking how this can be achieved.

So what we started doing is instead of the normal procedure and process of divorce in doing paperwork in a series of steps.

We got people coming to our office and say we like to just get these taken care of in one appointment. Can we do that?

And so that is we’ve all been doing and people seem to appreciate the fact that they can come in and about an hour to an hour and a half we can get through an entire divorce, we can get through all the paperwork, we can get through all the signatures and of course after everything is signed and the folks leave our office, we do have to go through the procedure of filing and serving and doing all that and have to wait the customary six months here in California.

But we are able to get them done with everything in one appointment. So you don’t have to come back through our office.

And this is usual if you guys have agreements to everything regarding custody visitation spousal support, child support if you have all these agreements in place. We can graph it right on the spot.

And this is particularly good if you have a very simple divorce perhaps no kids, no property, and it’s just a matter of undoing what you did, and living what you came into with and so on.

So we are doing this more and more it is fast, it’s easy, it’s painless about an hour and half we can have all the paper work done with your case and you’d be officially done with the paperwork.

However, you just have to complete the procedure and the processes with the court you still have to wait the six months and until it’s effective.

So, if you have a very simple divorce and you want to get this taken care of a single appointment we’d be happy to do that just let us know that that is your plan so we can allow for a lecture time for your appointment.

Tim Blankenship, divorce661.com helping you with your California divorce.

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