Divorce Mediation Granada Hills | Granada Hills Divorce

Divorce Mediation Granada Hills | Granada Hills Divorce

Today, we’re talking Divorce Mediation in Granada Hills, California.

And the reason why I want to talk about mediation is because there are some misconceptions about mediation in general.

And people confused in mediation with maybe Legal Document Preparation. So we’re a licensed and bonded Legal Document Preparation Firm.

We specialize in California Divorce and preparing the divorce document which means filling out the forms, going down the court and filing them, serving them doing the financial disclosures.

So the whole process and procedure of divorce we take care of including putting together your judgment otherwise known as your marital settlement agreement.

We have all the forms and software that attorneys and the courts have for determining alimony and spousal support and all the things.

It’s all included in our flat fee pricing. But what people think sometimes is that they need mediation.

They think mediation is what we do. But most people don’t need mediation.

Mediation essentially is having a third party sit down between the two of you and helps you work out the agreements between the two of you.

Now we handle about 50 divorce cases every month right now and we’re growing.

And none of our clients or should I say a very small percentage of our clients, need “mediation”.

Some do when we’re going through a divorce and the parties are unable to come to an agreement or arrangement regarding the circumstances in their divorce whether it be about money or dividing property or the kids and custody.

If you have difficulty or you’re having difficulties with coming up with the agreements that’s where mediation is appropriate.

But you don’t need to mediate prior to filing for divorce. So the process which we encourage is that when you start with us we will file your divorce case.

We’ll get the ball rolling. We’ll get the property listed and disclosed.

And that’s the time when you guys will sit down and start discussing how you’re going to divide your stuff up.

You can definitely do it before but you don’t have to wait to withhold and hold up from filing your divorce case.

So we file your divorce case. We list all the assets and debts. That’s when you guys start working towards an agreement.

And then at that point we’ll know if you guys are having trouble coming up with the agreements.

If that happens mediation would definitely be appropriate at that time to resolve the one or several issues you guys have coming to an agreement.

And once those that mediation has occurred and those agreements are now in place we can move forward and document those agreements and complete your divorce case.

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