Is Divorce Mediation More Of A Hassle Than Hiring A Lawyer?

Is Divorce Mediation More Of A Hassle Than Hiring A Lawyer?

Tim: Next myth. The myth was mediation is more of a hassle than hiring a lawyer to handle the Divorce.

So in this case is mediation more of a hassle than just hiring a lawyer?

Lisa: You know I think people have a hard time with something new or something different than just to try it into ‘I’m going to get my attorney. You get your attorney. And let’s just kind of haggle this out the best we can.’

It’s definitely a change in the way that people think about Divorce. I would hope that it’s not more of a hassle.

I think it’s just probably learning about the process. Someone needs to do a little bit of research, make a few phone calls, find out what the difference is are between mediation and litigation.

It’s such a simple process with personally with my mediation organization you make a phone call. You come in for a free consultation.

There’s no retainer. There’s no meeting with the other persons attorney and having all these disclosure.

Tim: Right.

Lisa: This is just on your terms. Come in. Let’s talk. Let’s see what you guys want.

Let’s see what you guys want to see at the end of this process.

I think it’s more of a re-education of people and just trying and taking that one step to find out, okay, instead of just getting a lawyer and talking to my friends if I have the best lawyer in town.

It’s what are the differences and just kind of educating yourself about it.

Tim: Got you! When I read this question what I saw in this question was that it is more of a hassle to personally have to sit down and work through your issues with your spouse.

That’s hard for…

Lisa: It is.

Tim: Especially for guys they’ll, okay, we’re going to sit down and personally work through this, as opposed to, it’s easy…

Lisa: Right!

Tim: …to just throw money on the attorney…

Lisa: And let them make the decisions…

Tim: …and say you deal with my problems because…

Lisa: No, I agree with you.

Tim: …here is what I want. Let me know when you have that happen. And not have to…

Lisa: This is an investment in time and in emotion and on both sides.

Tim: Yes.

Lisa: They need to be willing to say, ‘You know what, we don’t want to hate each other. And we would like so many leftover at the end of this process.’

Tim: Right.

Lisa: ‘And we want our kids to be whole and healthy and happy.’

So you’re right. It does take a lot more time and energy…

Tim: Right.

Lisa: …and investment.

Tim: In that way.

Lisa: In that way, to be able to go to this process.

Tim: That’s how I read the question. Maybe the guy perspective on this is like, ‘You know what, I’m just going to write you a check.’

And many people do until that money runs out. But you know just throw money at the lawyer and say deal with it is easier to a degree.

Lisa: And just to make you safe and just to let you know and just plug in the numbers and tell me what I can get out of this.

And make sure my partner doesn’t get everything. And I get what I want. And so I agree with you.

It’s a lot more time consuming and a lot more emotionally involved.

Tim: Absolutely! But the energy spent is going to result in better decisions long term.

Lisa: It’s all worth it.