Divorce Mediation Service Chatsworth | Chatsworth Divorce Service

Divorce Mediation Service Chatsworth | Chatsworth Divorce Service

Today, I want to talk about Divorce Mediation in Chatsworth.

So if you live in the jurisdiction of the Chatsworth Courthouse for your Divorce that’s anywhere in most of the Northern part of the San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita Valleys, you’ll be filing in the Chatsworth Courthouse.

And I want to talk to you about some of your options when it comes to Divorce and specifically mediation in those cases.

So when you go through Divorce and if you have an amicable case or it’s starting off amicable that’s great.

You can get through your Divorce. You can even use a service like ours in most cases for any Divorce circumstance.

And we can help prepare your forms and get you through the court process and complete your Divorce case with no additional third party services.

But sometimes where the parties have disagreements or they’re unable to come to an agreement on certain areas.

Be it a single issue or multiple issues Divorce Mediation can be very helpful.

What mediation does is there are different varities of mediation. It could be a solo mediator helping you guys just with issues of communication.

It could be a co-mediation where you have an attorney or maybe two attorneys in a room sitting there and helping you guys work through your issues.

But Divorce Mediation it comes in different types of mediators. I guess that is what I want you to know.

And each type of different mediator it really depends on your circumstances.

Some of our clients just have difficulty in communicating with their spouse.

And they need someone to be there to provide let’s say if environment for communication, so, they can get through these agreements and don’t have to spend the money on costs of the attorneys.

Sometimes you may have a super complicated case and you need an attorney in the room, that’s a Mediator Attorney.

They can help you with your divorce and answer legal questions as you guys are going through mediation.

But regardless before mediation you don’t have to have your all answers put together before you file for divorce.

What we encourage folks to do is to give us a call so we can get your Divorce case started.

Most people don’t understand that you don’t have to have all your agreements in place.

In fact, to file for Divorce you only need a very limited amount of information.

It’s mostly statistical in nature as far as the party information and the children’s name and so forth.

But you don’t have to have any agreements or property known or disclosed at that time to get the case filed.

In some very broader point of information and what we encourage is get people file their case and get it serve so you start the clock on the sixth month divorce process.

So I hope that was helpful regarding mediation.

If you want to get your divorce case started, give us a call.

We’ll be happy to assist with preparing and filing your Divorce case at the Chatsworth Courthouse.

Tim Blankenship Divorce661.com or give me a call at 661-281-0266 for a free phone consultation.