Divorce Mediation Service Northridge CA

Divorce Mediation Service Northridge CA

Today, we want to talk to the folks in Northridge California about Mediation.

What is Divorce Mediation?

So a lot of folks who are looking for our service are actually searching online for Divorce Mediation.

So I just want to clear up what that is.

Divorce Mediation really is when you and your spouse need some neutral third party.

It could be an attorney or a non-attorney to essentially sit in a room with you and sit down and help you guys get into an agreement.

Get the communication lines open. Now there are different types of Mediation.

There is a non-attorney mediators. I’ve talked about this quite a bit on our video series on mediation.

Non-attorney mediator is simply there to help you get in communication. They can’t give you legal advice.

They can’t talk to you about the law. But they can get you into communication.

Maybe that’s the only issue. You guys sit down and you just can’t communicate because of the upset or whatever is going on in your lives.

Then you have attorney mediators. If you have an attorney in the room and it’s known that they’re going to be the mediator, the benefit is that they know the law and can explain the law.

So you can make informed decisions throughout your mediation.

Now what we have found is many people call mediators because we have tons of referral from mediators throughout Los Angeles and throughout California who say, “Tim, they actually don’t need mediation. They thought that we would handle the paperwork.”

So what I want you to take from this video is most folks don’t need any amount of mediation.

Our services we don’t offer mediation. We provide document preparation.

So we take care of the entire Divorce from start to finish. All the forms, we go to court. We file documents.

Serve documents. Explain the process and take care of the entire procedure for you.

And most of our clients, let’s say, 99% of the time needs 0 mediation.

Meaning they don’t need to have someone sitting in the room with them and discussing their options and ideas on how to divide the property up.

Now if you do need that you can use the combination of our services as far as the divorce document preparation.

And you can use a mediator if you have problems coming to agreements on particular issues.

So you may have one or several issues you need to address that you guys just simply can’t come to agreement on.

What that means is that let’s say you have an issue where you can’t come up or agree to a number for spousal support, you could go to a mediator and spend an hour or two or however long it takes to sit down and go over the numbers and see what’s fair and equitable.

And what would be reasonable for both of you moving forward in the amount of spousal support.

Once you guys come to the agreement you, simply come back to us let us know what those agreements are.

And we will continue on with the paperwork and process and complete your divorce.

So I just want to explain a little bit what Mediation is to the folks in Northridge. Give me a call.

I think what’s best is if you call me I can talk to you about your particular circumstance and let you know if you need Mediation or not.

And what we generally we’ll recommend is let’s get your divorce started. Get the paperwork filed.

Get it served. List all the assets and debts and see how far you can get without Mediation.

And if you do need mediation at that point you could always go to a mediator.

Spend an hour or two, get those answers you need and get those agreements in place and I will just pick up where we left up.

Please give me a call for a free phone consultation at 661-281-0266.