Divorce Mediation Service Reseda CA

Divorce Mediation Service Reseda CA

Today, we’re talking about Divorce Mediation and what Mediation works specifically to the folks in Reseda, California.

So when people are going through Divorce sometimes they come with couple of different scenarios either using a Divorce Attorney, maybe Divorce Mediation or having a Paralegal Service prepare their documents for them.

Mediation and the reason I want to explain this is that a lot of people are looking for our service and they’re thinking they actually need Mediation Services.

So when you go through a Divorce court is not required in order to complete your case.

So in fact the courts don’t want you in there. The only people that end up in court are the people that don’t come to an agreement outside of the court.

Now with our clients and we handle about 50 Divorce cases every months, our clients work towards agreement out of court.

We handle all the paperwork. We’ll file the case. We will fill out the forms.

We will deal with the court directly for you and your spouse.

But we want to help you work through in coming up with agreements regarding the division of assets and debts and your kids, child support, spousal support and everything that’s involved in this.

You guys, the courts want you to come to an agreement outside of court and figure things out on your own.

Now Mediation specifically, is when you have a neutral third party sitting in a room with you and helping you guys come to an agreement or help you get in communication or maybe explain the law and how it relates to your particular circumstances so you can make informed decisions on how you want to divide up your assets and debts.

Now if you are not in agreement it doesn’t mean you can’t use our service.

Mediation is by far the best way to get through your Divorce if you need help in coming to agreements.

And we have services that could provide Mediation Services either in house or we can refer you out.

And maybe you just need an hour of someone’s time to help come up with some final agreements. We recently have that happened where we have some clients come in.

They needed some legal information that we don’t necessarily provide. We refer them out to Mediator.

I think they spent maybe an hour with them and they were able to come up with all the agreements get informed about the law.

And then come up with a memorandum of understanding so we can incorporate that into their Divorce agreement and all is well.

No attorneys and they saved a lot of money in doing so. So please give me a call if you have questions about Divorce Mediation.

I’ll be happy to discuss that. The number is 661-281-0266.

You can always go to our website at Divorce661.com.