Divorce Mediation West Hills CA | West Hills Divorce

Divorce Mediation West Hills CA | West Hills Divorce

Today, we’re talking to the folks in West Hills. Now I want to talk to you about Divorce Mediation.

A lot of folks when they called us they have questions about Mediation.

I just want to clarify what Divorce Mediation is compared to what it is that we do because what we’re finding in most cases the folks looking for Divorce Mediation Services don’t really need Mediation.

So first let me tell you about what we do.

As a Full Service Divorce Document Preparation Firm we will complete all the paperwork, fill out all the forms, deal with the court direct for you, handle all the financial disclosures and put together your agreements including your marital settlement agreement otherwise known as the judgment.

We have all the court software and forms that the courts and attorneys have, so the DissoMaster Software.

Everything it’s going to take to get you through your Divorce, we have.

Now when you use our service it’s going to be up to you guys to come to all the decisions, custody, visitation, child support, spousal support.

Of course, we can provide assistance with that and some guidance.

Where Mediation comes in place is where you need help with decisions.

Maybe you are having trouble communicating with your spouse and you just need someone to sit in the room with you and help you figure out how you can communicate and get passed the couple obstacles.

Or maybe you need a higher level of assistance with communication and maybe you need an attorney in the room or maybe two attorneys to sit there and help guide you guys through the decision making process.

So what we generally we’ll recommend is that you start your Divorce case even if you think you need Mediation.

And let’s get you as far as we can get and then if you do have difficulty with coming to an agreement we can always refer you out to Mediation and get your one or several issues handled.

And once you’re done you just simply come back to us so we can incorporate those agreements into your Divorce.

So that’s a basic understanding of Divorce Mediation. And I’ve done probably 20 or 30 videos specifically about just Mediation.

So you can look those up as well on our YouTube Channel or on our website at Divorce661.com.

Feel free to give me a call for a free phone consultation. The number is 661-281-0266.