What Is A Divorce Minute Order In California

What Is A Divorce Minute Order In California

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Today I want to answer the question: “What is a minute order?

I just happen to see that someone landed on our blog by typing that in. They did find our blog. I don’t know if we answered it well enough. I know we haven’t done it on video so I’m going to do that today. Talk to you about what a minute order is and what you would need one for.

So, a minute order essentially, and I’m looking at one now. I Just had a client have to pick one up. If you have to go to court, let’s say you filed a motion for child support or spousal support or something along those lines and you had a hearing and let’s say the judge made some orders regarding the hearing.

The minute order is essentially the written document that records what was it that the judge said at the hearing.

So, there will be things that say it is stipulated that the commissioner may hear it to determine and a subsequent matter is judge pro tem, this marriage called for hearing, the petitioner sworn and testifies… and then it will go in to what was said sometimes, but mostly about what the judge ordered after hearing the testimony.

So, in this particular case we needed the minute order because the judge made some orders and we needed to get a copy of the minute order so we can see exactly what it was that the judge said was the order of the court.

Because in some instances, when the judge makes an order, that has to be written up on what’s called an order after hearing which is simply an order written up after the hearing. Makes sense.

And then that needs to go through a legal process wherein the other party needs to sign it and if they don’t sign it in a specific amount of time then you can file it with the court with the declaration and I won’t bore you with all the details of that. But that is what a minute order is, there may be other times when you need one. If you want to see what was it that the judge said specifically what was the order. You’d want to get the minute order.

And to do so, you simply go down to the court. If you had a recent hearing and it usually take them two to three days to get the minute order in the file. But you can go down to the court, walk into the court room. Don’t go to the clerk, the clerk’s office. Go to the court clerk, let them know you were recently there and you need a copy of the minute order, give them the date and they should be able to have a copy for you.

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