Divorce Paralegal Or Divorce Lawyer | Santa Monica, CA

Divorce Paralegal Or Divorce Lawyer | Santa Monica, CA

Most people do not need a divorce lawyer when filing their divorce in Santa Monica, CA.  Santa Monica Divorce Lawyers are only needed when you need legal advice or representation in court.  We are a full service divorce paralegal firm serving Santa Monica, CA and can do everything a Santa Monica Divorce Lawyer can do except give legal advice and represent you in court.

Most divorce cases in Santa Monica, don’t require a Santa Monica divorce lawyer.  We assist clients with their divorce in Santa Monica, CA and can help your complete your entire Santa Monica Divorce case from start to finish.

Hi, if you’re looking for a Divorce Attorney in Santa Monica, I want to let you know that you have some additional resources you may not have thought about that might be suitable for your Divorce.

We’re not a law firm. We’re not attorneys. We are what it’s called a Divorce Paralegal Firm also known as Legal Document Assistance.

And we’re here to provide more affordable services, non-attorney services but we do fill out all the paperwork for you.

We do everything a law firm does for you except give legal advice and represent you in court.

So the reason I bring this up is we want people to be more aware that in Santa Monica if you’re going through Divorce there are other Divorce Paralegal Or Divorce Lawyer | Santa Monica, CA.

You can call our offices. We handle the Santa Monica Court House. We will fill out all the forms just like an attorney will.

We’ll file them. We’ll get your case number. We’ll go down to the court house for you so you don’t have to.

We’ll get the case number issued. We will serve your spouse. We will do all the financial disclosures and prepare all your agreements.

Now we do these in a neutral fashion because we’re not a law firm. And because we’re not attorneys we can work with both of you and your spouse.

So just think about how much money you can save if you have one firm assisting both parties in a neutral fashion preparing all the paperwork for both parties.

And even if you think, ‘Well, Tim we don’t have an agreement yet. And we probably we may need an attorney.’

That’s fine. Use our service just to fill out all the paperwork. Let’s get all your financial disclosures done and then you have options.

You’ve got to the point where all the paperwork is done with the court. Why spend money on an attorney at $300-$400 an hour to have them draft paperwork?

Let us do that for a flat fee we charge. And then if you have to move on with attorneys then that’s great.  But maybe you won’t because in fact there are other options such as mediation which we can help you with.

And help you guys mediate your Divorce, sit down, neutral third party and help you work out the agreements.

Talk about the real issues and get some agreements in place, so, it’s far better than hiring an attorney.

So if you’re looking for Santa Monica Divorce Attorneys, it’s probably why you came upon this video. I want to just get out in front of people looking for attorneys and say, ‘Hey, wait a minute. Give us a call. We might be able to help you.’ even if you will say, ‘Well Tim, I need an attorney.’

No matter what let us do that initial paperwork.

Let us save some money up to that point so if you do need an attorney at least you’ve gone through the point where that $3,000 or $4,000 maybe $5,000 you would have spend up to that point with them doing the same thing we’re doing for you for a couple hundred bucks.

You can use that money for litigation or for mediation services or something along those lines.

Give us a call. Free consultation, let us talk specifically about the issues that you have and then we’ll see if we can move forward and assist you with your Divorce in Santa Monica.