Divorce Paralegal Service In Azusa CA Azusa CA Divorce Service

Divorce Paralegal Service In Azusa CA Azusa CA Divorce Service

Live in Azusa, CA and thinking of divorce?  We are a full service divorce paralegal firm specializing in divorce and serving the Azusa, CA area residents.  We specialize in only divorce and take care of your entire divorce case from start to finish.  We provide free divorce consultations over the phone and no office visit is usually required. Please watch the video below for more information about our Azusa, CA divorce paralegal service.

Today, we’re talking to the folks in Azusa, California. I want to let the folks in Azusa know about our Divorce Paralegal Service serving the Azusa, California area.

We are a licensed and bonded Legal Document Preparation Firm specializing in only in Divorce in California.

And we serve all of California not just Azusa but all of California. But I just want the folks in Azusa know we are here to help you and what we can do for you.

So we are essentially a Divorce Paralegal Firm. We don’t have attorneys in our office. We don’t give legal advice or represent people in court.

But we are a neutral third party that will work with both spouses to get through their Divorce in California.

Now to use our service your case should be somewhat amicable. I’m not saying you have to be the best of friends.

I mean you are going through a Divorce so it’s not going to be a completely amicable.

However, if you can at least tolerate each other enough to use a service like ours to facilitate the process, explain the processes and procedures of Divorce to you, so, we can get you through it then we’ll be a good fit.

Now we are a full service. So we will go to–we’ll fill out all the forms for you. We’ll go down the court.

We’ll file them. We’ll serve them. We’ll do all the financial disclosures that are mandatory.

All the court processes and procedures will be taken care of by us. We’ll help draft your final agreement which will include anything to do with property division, assets and debts, children, spousal support if any.

We have all the court forms and software that the attorneys have and the courts have, so, all of that is included in our flat fee pricing.

So if you live in Azusa, feel free to give us a call. Now we’re not in your area specifically but we can do a lot of remote work.

We have clients all throughout California. Some even out of country and we’re able to do this either via email or over the phone.

But rest assured regardless if you come to our office or not we will personally be taking care of all your paperwork and delivering it to the courts and doing everything as if you’ve seen our office regardless.

Tim Blankenship Divorce661.com. Feel free to jump over to our website and check out our pricing.

And then when you’re ready after watching maybe a few more videos and or perhaps our podcast on iTunes give us a call.

I’d be happy to talk about your specific circumstances and make sure you’re a good fit for our service and answer any questions you have about the process moving forward.

And then we can get the work for you, Tim Blankenship at Divorce661.com.

Call the number on your screen when you’re ready and we’ll talk to you soon.

Thanks for watching.