Divorce Paralegal Service In Pico Rivera California

Divorce Paralegal Service In Pico Rivera California

Today we’re talking to folks in Pico Rivera California.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for an alternative service aside from attorney to get some assistance with your divorce. And that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with.

We’re a full service divorce paralegal firm specialize only in divorce in California and specifically in Los Angeles County.

We work with clients all throughout the County of Los Angeles and helping them with their divorce.

Now we are a full service divorce paralegal service.

What that means is we will do everything from A to Z, we will complete your forms for you, no questionnaires that you have to complete.

We will go down the court, and we will file all your documents, we will serve your documents, we will do all the necessary processes and procedures that the court requires you.

You won’t have to worry about any of those types of things.

When we’re talking about divorce we have to handle all, address all issues in your divorce. So we’re talking about issues of assets and debts.

We have to help you divide up your property. You have to let us know. Here’s what are properties is and how are we going to divide our debt.

If you have children, we’re talking about custody and visitation orders. We’re talking about child support – things to that nature.

If there’s going to be order for spousal support we can help you determine those amounts as well. We have all the court software and everything that the attorney’s have to help you get through your entire case from start to finish.

Now, because we’re not a law firm, the only thing what we can’t do that they could do in a law firm is we’re here to represent you in court. And we’re not here to give you legal advice.

But as far as processes and procedures are concerned, we can take you all the way through your case without any additional third party services for one low flat fee.

So make sure to give us call. We’d be happy to give you a free consultation over the phone to make sure we are a good service for you.

Make sure you guys at least attempt to work somewhat amicable through your divorce and are kind of on the right page as far as getting started and getting this divorce concluded for you.

Make sure to give me a call.

We’d be happy again to talk to you over the phone and talk about your specific circumstances of your divorce and let you know if will be the right service for you.

Give us a call on the number on your screen or you can go to our website at divorce661.com for more information.